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Andrea Juhan

Open Floor Encounter - Dance, Therapy and Transformation

Oct 1, 2002

Part 1 of a 6 part documentary of the movement work of Andrea Juhan - synthesizing the 5Rhythms movement practice developed by Gabrielle Roth in combination with Gestalt therapy and principles from Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP).The work is brought to life by a special group of participants in an Open Floor workshop held in Mill Valley, CA October 2002. With beautiful dance footage, highlights from Open Floor sessions and interviews with the participants, this film gives you an exciting introduction to this unique blend of transformative healing arts. Music by Morgan Doctor

This video was made in 2002 - nearly 20 years ago!. At the time I was very engaged with the 5Rhythms Movement practice developed by Gabrielle Roth. The movement practice or movement language I now use is Open Floor. This historical expression of Open Floor has now evolved into Encounter work and Open Floor evolved into an International School of Embodied Practices. The structure of the Encounter work has continued as it is described in this video. I offer huge gratitude to Gabrielle Roth who was instrumental in providing me the support and opportunities to practice, that helped this form become so powerful.