Aiming High

Feet on the Ground

The most awe-inspiring traits we share as mammals is the capacity to go beyond our self-interest for the benefit of others. There is empathy in our genes. We've heard the stories, teared up at the YouTubes: a lioness adopts an abandoned newborn chimp, elephants hold elaborate funeral rituals and bury their dead, dolphins guide a stranded whale back to sea, a dog lays her body over a lost and freezing child until help arrives. Evolutionary biologists are realizing that survival of the kindest is where our ultimate salvation lies.

Many of us have worked hard to feel, express, and integrate our challenging emotions --sadness, fear, rage, jealousy, shame. We may tell ourselves to see beauty, be generous or have faith, but until we feel it in the cells of our own being, it can be forced or fake; the classic spiritual bypass.  How do we learn to purposely embody our more transcendent feelings of selflessness, generosity, compassion, patience, serenity, unity, harmony?

In Open Floor Movement Practice, we learn to cultivate the full spectrum of our complex emotional world. As dancers, reaching a state of bliss and goodness beyond ourselves doesn't have to be an elusive touch of grace, a happy accident. In Aiming High, we learn to deliberately access the sublime, while Feet on the Ground ensures we do not deny our other emotions to get there.

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