Basic Sanity

Emotional Intelligence on the Dance Floor

Do you wonder at times where the world’s sanity has run off to? Do you worry about your own ability to cope with the massive amount of feelings, decisions, and changes we all notice and process each day?

Feelings happen in our bodies. They move, cycle, and change continuously. Every dance we have includes multiple dimensions of embodiment. Our emotions are met and expressed through our sensations, thoughts, imagination, and deep inner listening to Source.

This weekend will focus on the embodied process of “differentiation” as key in developing Emotional Intelligence. The need to emotionally differentiate is present in all our relationships, on and off the dance floor.

What’s mine? What’s yours? What are my present emotions and what feelings are fuelled from the past? These kinds of movement inquiries enhance our authenticity, facilitate good decision-making, and support healthy, creative relationships. Together in the play of dance, we can help ourselves stay basically sane and emotionally resilient in the face of our unpredictable, ever-changing world.

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