Community of Selves

There is an inner community inside of us, a community of selves. Some have a voice, and some are quiet. Some are known through sensation, emotion, and thought. Other selves have agendas, advice, and accusations.

Each of these selves has a history, an emotional state, and a felt sense in the body. Each represents a particular aspect or part of our (mostly) Unified Self. In mindful movement, we can substantiate selves that have been hiding or outcast. We can learn to calm the selves that work overtime, find unknown Selves, and/or embody a Self we have been waiting to become.

Andrea facilitates a dynamic, non-judgmental, well-informed, dance playground to embody these inner conversations. Not only fun and awakening but by exploring any distinct part of us can help us understand what is held there and what the cost is. Additionally, the creativity of dance illuminates new possibilities or choices.

When we allow it, the embodiment of our different selves, supports integration, shared knowledge, and congruence within whom we call “me, myself or I”. The practice of learning the ten Core Movement Resources anchors us in the felt sense of that which moves from one self to another. It’s often hard to taste this in our day-to-day life, but put those selves, intentionally, into movement on the Open Floor and who we are beyond a self is often surprisingly available to us.

Come join us for this essential and transformative work.

Community of Selves

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California
April 10, 2023
April 14, 2023