Emptiness Dancing

Ahhhh--don’t you love when that happens? When you find yourself in a state of exquisite surrender to the spirit that dances us; those timeless moments when we disappear and all that’s left is Emptiness Dancing?

Often these moments feel like “happy accidents”, a flash of grace over which we have no control or choice. The purpose of this weekend is to practice being prone to these happy accidents, to cultivate grace as an everyday possibility.

Open Floor Movement Practice uses universal principles of movement to anchor us in this vast space. Our bodies organically know about emptiness, and at the same time, it can be quite a journey to arrive at this place willingly, even longingly. As in any journey, there are skills to learn, habits to unlearn, and a need for curiosity. This course is an opportunity to say “Yes!” to this blessing, to feel it in every movement, in every cell of your being.

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Emptiness Dancing
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