Encounter: Undercurrents

An On-going Group

When we step into the moment – unguarded, unrehearsed, in full view of ourselves and each other – anything can happen. These moments are risky. They hold rich possibilities. And we can use them to come more fully alive. This is the potential of Open Floor Encounter, a dynamic group process that helps us access our vitality, shift up old habits, and try out new ways of being.  In Undercurrents we use the Open Floor Encounter process, along with our movement practice, to explore the exquisite vulnerability of being human, awake, and alive.

Many of us are drawn to movement because it allows us to experience ourselves at our most fluid, soulful, and connected. In the dance, we discover our life force and our passion. As we move beneath the surface in our dances with ourselves and with others, both on and off the floor, there is also great wisdom and creative intelligence to be found. Supported by peers and skilled facilitators, we can develop embodied resources and practice taking creative steps even when – especially when – the terrain, the outcome, and the moment is fresh and unknown.

This program is structured to explore each of the Wild Hungers, the organic movements of our relational energies: our need for Solitude, for Connection, for Belonging, and for Spirit. Quite naturally, as we explore this terrain, our habits and safety strategies are also illuminated. These habits can guide us gracefully to the places where we can investigate, engage, and transform what no longer serves us. By choosing – and supporting each other – to ‘take ourselves on’ in this way, we can use our movement practice as a means to grow up.

Coming together five times over two years, Undercurrents participants form a community of practice that provides witnessing, accurate feedback, challenge, and support. Together, we step up as embodied beings ready to move beyond excuses, to give up waiting, to befriend fear and develop our resources – so that we can bring our embodied presence, purpose, and contributions more fully into this world.

Module 1 Hunger for Solitude – At Home Inside

Module 2Hunger for Connection Part 1 – Family of Origin

Module 3Hunger for Connection Part 2 – Choices

Module 4Hunger to Belong – Patterns of Protection

Module 5Hunger for Spirit – Making Meaning

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Encounter: Undercurrents
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