The Movement of Mind

Do you yearn for peace of mind, some place where your thoughts can enhance or support your experience rather than over-stimulate, bombard, or abandon you? The mind is a beautiful dancer and, like everything else, the movement of mind is a dance.  When it moves freely, the mind is fluid, rich, rhythmic, brilliant, and wise.  Too often, we compartmentalize ourselves; we forget the simple truth that our head is a part of our body.

Of course, the mind can be a dangerous place when it clouds our experience and causes us to lose touch with our bodies and emotions or with the people and the environment around us.  Being caught in repetitive loops of thinking and hearing the voices of criticism or judgment is painful, limiting, and no fun.  But when we cut ourselves off from ‘Mind’ because we don’t like the quality of our thoughts, we disconnect from a vast and valuable resource - a tremendous source of creativity, energy, innovation, inspiration, and focus.  

In this workshop, we engage Open Floor Movement practice to free stuck energy in our bodies, emotions, and to work with the places where we feel stuck in our heads. We invite the thinking mind to dance, to use our limbs to express its amazing chaotic creativity; we open ourselves to the wisdom, intelligence, and power of the crystallized attention that constitutes an awakened, open Mind.

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