Souls Unfolding

Listening Deeply

“Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future”- John O'Donohue

Our sense of Soul often shows up as that feeling inside of us that we are connected to and a part of something much larger than our everyday selves. As we manifest our Self through work, relationships, and creative endeavors, we will not be fully satisfied if the deepest expression of our Soul does not have its place and we will feel its absence.

What we cannot figure out cognitively, often is abundantly clear through deliberate mindfulness of sensation, intuition, emotion, deep connection to others, and the beauty and pain of the world we live in. Our body, Souls’ temporary home, longs for this attention. In fact, there can be great joy, when we let this mysterious part of us take the lead.

In Open Floor Movement Practice, we open to what wants to happen thru us. Our attention and being curious allows embodied movement to unwrap us like the perfect gift we are. Through dance, unrecognized dimensions of our being can take shape and have a voice, letting us feel new possibilities in our unfolding.

Joseph Campbell reminds us “the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” The nature of our Soul when embodied and acknowledged moves us towards this birthright.

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