Common Knowledge & Embodied Mind

Open Floor Immersion with Andrea Juhan, Ph.D and Jenny Macke


Bellingham, WA, USA

June 2, 2023
1:00 PM
June 7, 2023

An embodied mind is more than a functioning brain. Open Floor Movement Practice considers the mind to be as real and inseparable to embodiment as any other dimension.

Being mentally resourced is the foundation for finding and tapping into our common knowledge.

Common Knowledge is the capacity to receive wisdom in the form of cognition, intuition, imagination and insight.  

When the aspects of the mind are consciously embodied, we find wisdom that serves not only the self but all our relationships. We find what wisdom we share or what wisdom we generate together as a collective.

In this immersion you will come away with insights and skills to have a fully embodied mind. This includes:

  • Having an integrated, felt sense of the brain’s interpretations, interactions, and interplay with consciousness
  • A mind that is creative, intuitive, imaginative, inventive, insightful, mindful, articulate, discerning, clear, aware, and astute
  • A mind that is open to the vastness of knowledge, intuition, and imagination, while still connected to body and heart
  • Being able to dance the energy and texture of thoughts, images from nature, dreams, mythology, and archetypes
  • The ability to focus on a sensation, a movement, a person, a space, and to be receptive to the vastness of the mind beyond our own immediate perceptions — to create space for insights
  • Creating bridges between learning about the body, the emotions, and the mind in books and other mediums and bringing that knowledge into the movement and the experience of the body
  • Having a mind that knows how to use intention


The cost of this Immersion is: $850 (excludes travel & accommodation)

  • Open Floor International Teachers: 50% discount
  • Open Floor International Working Members: 65% discount
  • This immersion is included in the price of the training for those enrolled on Open Floor International's Teacher Training


  • 50 hours of instructed study in conscious dance practices*
  • At least 15 of those hours must be Open Floor Movement Practice

*Conscious Dance Practices:  Open Floor, Soul Motion, 5Rhythms™, Movement Medicine, Freedom Dance, Azul, Tamalpa Life/Art Process, Continuum, Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies. Let us know in your student information form if there’s another conscious dance practice you have studied that you would like us to consider.

Dates & Schedule:

June 2 - June 7, 2023

Friday, June 2, 1pm-8pm with a break
Saturday, June 3, 1pm-8pm with a break
Sunday, June 4, 1pm-5pm
Monday, June 5, 1pm-8pm with a break
Tuesday, June 6, 1pm-8pm with a break
Weds, June 7, 1pm-5pm

Venue Travel & Accommodations:

Venue: Presence Studio

1412 Cornwall Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225

For more information visit:

Travel: Bellingham has its own international airport and  is just over an hour’s drive away from Vancouver International Airport in Canada (which will require border crossing) or just under 2 hours from Seattle Airport. Find out more here.

Accommodation: You will find a range of  hotels and B&B’s close by. More information here.

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