Common Knowledge Immersion

Common Knowledge & Embodied Mind Immersion

An embodied mind is more than a functioning brain. Open Floor Movement Practice considers the mind to be as real and inseparable to embodiment as any other dimension.

Being mentally resourced is the foundation for finding and tapping into our common knowledge.

Common Knowledge is the capacity to receive wisdom in the form of cognition, intuition, imagination and insight.  

When the aspects of the mind are consciously embodied, we find wisdom that serves not only the self but all our relationships. We find what wisdom we share or what wisdom we generate together as a collective.

Who is this Immersion designed for?

This immersion is an opportunity for intensive personal practice and a deeper understanding of its relevance to daily life. Open to professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, our Immersion Programs are ideal if you are looking to gain new skills to integrate embodiment across disciplines such as, but not limited to, healthcare, social services, business, education, and the arts.

Common Knowledge & Embodied Mind

Bellingham, WA, USA
June 2, 2023
June 7, 2023