Curiosity: A Study of Relationship through Dance with Andrea Juhan, Ph.D.


Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

October 27, 2023
5:00 PM
October 29, 2023

Love is the extremely difficult realization that someone other than one’s self is real.

— Louise Erdrich

Others inspire all sorts of feelings in us, both positive and negative, in every possible texture, tone, and frequency. Sometimes we become reactive, amplify these feelings, or try not to notice them. Sometimes, to stay connected to ourselves, we even avoid others altogether. Instead of investing and reinvesting in our likes and dislikes, we can train ourselves to remain open and curious about the range of responses others awaken in us — and everything we stir in them.

In this workshop, we will use the physical and energetic language of the Open Floor Movement practice to explore, express, and understand our natural responses to one another.

As we allow the many textures of our relationships to move through our bodies, we can experience a new sense of fluidity and authenticity in our needs, preferences, and attachments. Through dedicated movement practice, we can deepen and develop our innate curiosity — and add it to our range of habitual responses as we move away from prejudice and separation toward a sense of openness, connection, and peace in the company of others.

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