A Study of Relationships thru Dance

Others inspire all sorts of feelings in us: both positive and negative – in every possible texture, tone, and frequency. Sometimes we act out or amplify these feelings, sometimes we try not to notice them – and sometimes, in an effort to stay with our own experience, we avoid others altogether.

What would our lives – and our relationships - be like if, instead of investing and re-investing in our likes, dislikes, and pre-judgments, we remained openly curious about the feelings we inspire in one another?

In this workshop, we use the physical and energetic language of the Open Floor Movement Practice to explore and express our natural responses toward one another. Instead of fixating on or ignoring these responses, we will practice including them, with awareness, in our dance.

As we allow the many textures of relationship to move through our bodies, we can experience a new sense of fluidity and authenticity in our needs, preferences, and attachments. Through the beautiful art of dance, we develop our innate curiosity, including it in our range of habitual responses so that we may move from prejudice and separation toward a sense of openness, connection, and peace in the company of others.


Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
October 27, 2023
October 29, 2023